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Qualifier special Offer!

The Dunlop Qualifier is the perfect choice for Supersport riders looking for high levels of all-weather performance, good mileage and confidence-inspiring handling.

Their Joint Less Belt (JLB) technology used in the rear tyre for high speed stability and the new profiles increase the contact patch sizes and you get vastly improved handling characteristics and better feedback, and the race-derived front-tyre profile promotes quicker turn-in and lighter steering. The rear tyre compound blends three race-developed polymers to maximize grip and warm up quickly in the wet or the dry.

Making the Qualifier the ideal choice for anyone wanting a high level of performance, allowing them to get the most from their sports or naked bikes, whether it's on a weekend blast or on a flyer past the pitlane! •Ideal Tyre For Riders Looking For High Levels Of Performance •Race-Derived Multi-Tread Compound Technology •Maximised Corner Grip Between 35 And 55 Degrees •Faster Warm-Up Times •Excellent Dry And Wet Grip •Improved High Speed Stability And Feedback

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